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Many investors believe now is a great time to get started in property investment

Which ever way you look at it, the housing market has been well and truly on the back foot since the onset of the credit crunch a few years ago. However many investors have viewed the dwindling property market as an opportunity and are benefiting from good rental yields.

In any market, the canny investor likes to buy at the bottom and then watch their purchase grow, and this is no different for the housing market.

The chances of renting your property post credit crunch are probably greater than before as potential home buyers have been postponing purchasing decisions as they feel uneasy about the current market or they simply can't get a mortgage, so they are renting instead.

Helping you get a mortgage

In a time of under performing pensions and falling stock market prices, buy to let is still seen as an attractive investment for many, but before you kick off your buy to let adventure, you'll need a specialist buy to let mortgage.

This is one of the sectors that has been hit hardest in the current climate, and loans are not nearly as easy to come by as they were a few of years ago. They're still available, however, and with the right advice you can still get a good deal.

Tighter lending criteria means navigating the buy to let market is more trickier than ever before, so its a good idea to use a broker who specialises in the field. As a buy to let investor your needs will be more complex than regular mortgage borrowers, and many buy to let deals are only available through intermediaries, so it makes sense to approach a specialist adviser. When you complete the enquiry form on this website, you will be contacted by an FSA regulated and fully qualified mortgage broker who will provide you with all the advice and insight you need.

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